Why Choose Us?

MY NAUKRI COACH, will help you face and resolve any career challenges. We assist you at the cusp of your career with finding your dream job, integrating yourself at the workplace, establishing yourself as a recognised and valued employee. Our one-on-one coaching sessions will assist you in developing as a functional head and achieving a leadership role.

Get coached by professionals with 25+ years of work experience, Certified psychometric assessor and Competency development specialist. Our coaches have worked at the CXO level and hired 5000+ professionals in their careers.

Our strengths include:

➼ GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES - We have access to best practices globally and help clients establish benchmarks.

➼DEPTH of KNOWLEDGE - Our solutions are research-driven, complete with learning outcomes and their application.

➼CLIENT EMPOWERMENT - Our promise is to empower our clients and support their professional development.

➼GLOBAL REACH - We provide access to global resources through our network of subject matter experts.

We can also facilitate your transition from employment to entrepreneurship, if that is your passion.


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HONEY is a Human Resources professional and Career Strategist & Coach. She brings with her 10 years as functional head including 20+ years of HR experience with companies like Delhi International Airport, Emirates Airlines, Mediclinic, Amadeus India in Asia and the Middle East.

Her purpose in life is to help professionals upskill, reskill, "Stay relevant and Be successful". Her clients have reported miraculous transformation which helped them to detangle, analyze and redirect their career plan from their existing state.


JATIN is a Career Strategist and Business Coach. He brings with him 14+ years as Career Strategist , Management Consultant along with 18 years experience majorly with PWC, Deloitte, JLL, Serco Middle East, York Middle East and OTIS.

From his experience he helps professionals acquire and strengthen their functional competencies. Like millions, you can also be a very successful, professional ,entrepreneur all you need is DESIRE.

His clients have reported transformation from their existing state of self-sabotage, procrastination to finding their future clarity and purpose.

Here's what our clients say

"A heartfelt thank you to Honey. I just did a goal setting session, and it allowed me to so clear my thoughts and focus. Earlier I was overwhelmed with a jumble of thoughts and now I have found a way to channel and put my thoughts into goals. Honey ensured that I stayed on track with her personalized follow ups. I recommend Honey to anyone who needs a coach in goal setting in their professional and personal lives."

- Stella Strickland